The Great Owl Pocket Watch Necklace

Published: 23rd April 2010
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An owl pocket watch necklace is a great gift for women of all ages. Pocket watch necklaces have develop into quite common in current years. They are a reminder of days gone by when pocket watches have been the primary timepiece. As such many of them retain that vintage look and feel.

To be worn as a necklace, the watch replicates the genuine measurement of the smaller previous time watches. It is connected to a sequence of 18 inches or longer so it might be worn around the neck. An owl pocket watch necklace is adorned in some vogue with an owl on the outer side.

An owl pocket watch necklace is perfect for somebody that loves owls or is attracted to the Gothic look. This jewellery has a mysterious air about it. In fact it depends upon the best way the necklace is made and what materials it is made from.

In case you are fortunate you may give you the chance to find an vintage owl pocket watch necklace and that may make a superb gift for anyone that loves previous jewelry. Genuine pocket watches are getting harder to find however there are individuals who deal in antique watches that could possibly level you in the proper direction.

If you can't discover an owl pocket watch necklace, you also can make your personal or have an artisan do it for you. You probably can buy a retro silver filigree watch and mount a silver owl face to it and create a stunning piece of jewelry. There is not a limit to what you would include whenever you make your own owl necklace.

You could possibly begin with an antique watch or a reproduction produced from antiqued metal. Your watch might be silver, gold, or bronze. The owl you've gotten mounted could be with its wings unfold, simply his head, or considered one of a whimsical nature. You would definitely be succesful of create a one in all a sort owl pocket watch necklace.

You may not want to devote that sort of time or cash to creating your individual watch necklace. You have to to look in special places to find one for sale as an owl pocket watch necklace shouldn't be one thing you can be able to select up at Target or Wal-Mart unless you simply occur to get lucky.

Try looking for an owl pocket watch necklace on eBay. Simply be positive you buy from a seller that has a complete lot of good feedback since you will not get to see the necklace in individual before you buy. You could also try craft sites on-line and web sites that sell gothic clothing and jewelry.

In your local space you'll give you the option to search for an owl watch necklace at a flea market or craft fair where sellers of distinctive and handmade products promote their wares. Whether or not you need the necklace for your self or to present as a present, the difficulty you undergo to search out an owl pocket watch necklace can be price it. You may have a wonderful distinctive piece of jewellery everyone will comment on.

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